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    • Welcome to our web site !! We are Digital Graficz, a 3-D modeling & animation company located in God's Own Country - Kerala, India.

      Since our inception in 2011 we have been providing 3D Modeling & Animation Services to multifarious business industries encompassing Game Assets Development, Character Modeling & Animations, Medical Animations, Architectural Walkthrough & Animations & 3D assets for Web & Mobile based applications.

      We also extend our services for Non-Linear Editing, Green-Screen Removal & Camera Matching.


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    • our vision
    • .... our vision ....

      "We, at Digital Graficz, aspire to develop high quality animated movies based on Indian concepts & themes; utilizing Indian creative talent & catering to the taste of Indian audience."

      Anup Nair, Founder @ Digital Graficz

    • our history
    • .... founder's profile ....

      Digital Graficz, had its inception in 2011 & was founded by Anup Nair, a professional 3D Artist with over 13 years of experience in the 3D Domain. He commenced his career at IndiaMart Limited in 2000 as a Web Developer & had an excellent exposure to the constructs of B2B Web Development.

      However his passion for 3D Domain, led him to join Escosoft Technologies as a 3D Game Modeler/Animator in 2001. The experience of operating as a Gaming Artist, had a profound impact in developing an expeditious operative style.

      In 2006, He started working as Consultant 3D Artist catering to domains like Medical Animations, Character Animations & Architectural Animations. In 2011, He founded Digital Graficz, a 3D animation company rendering services for a range of industries across-the-board.

    • our process
    • .... our process ....

      Production Pipeline in an organization is the single-most critical element determining the efficiency, quality standards & the timely output of a project.

      A concise explanation of the Production Pipeline to our Clients, enables them in understanding, how we intend to execute the projects undertaken.

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    .... what we do ....

    • Our Motto : “Concepts to Creatives”; implies that at Digital Graficz; from the development of Concept & Model Sheets to the Final Animation Video, we offer 360 degree solutions for all the 3D modeling & animation requirements for our clients.

      A Successful Business Association is dependent on three critical elements: Quality Output, Competitive Operational Cost & Time-Bound Delivery. We bring to the table a combination of technical expertise & innovative thinking which are of critical importance for developing high quality end products.


    .... our specialization ....

    • character animations
    • character animations

      Character Animations are arguably the most challenging aspects in the animation arena. CG Characters are used as a mascot by film makers & in advertisement to communicate the ideas to the audience in a visually appealing manner.

      Development of believable Character Animations necessitates an animator has to adhere to the “Principles of Animations” developed by the animators in Walt Disney Studios which are the cornerstone of animation even in contemporary times.

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    • game modeling
    • game modeling

      Gaming is the fastest growing Industry in the digital macrocosm. In more than one manner, Gaming Industry is similar to the Film Industry as both provides entertainment for the audience; an escapism from real world furnishing an illusion of various lives & venturing into imaginative worlds.

      Low Polygon Modeling & Texture Detailing are the two most critical aspects of Game Assets development. Animations used for Gaming assets are loop-able, which enables the game programmer to mix & match various animations in a real-time game-engine environment.

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    • architectural animations
    • architectural animations

      Real-Estate Industry is one of the most prolific users of the 3D Architectural animations. Architectural animations are an indispensable marketing device for Real-Estate Developers & are used to convey the prospective buyers with salient features of their Projects.

      Architectural animations enable the users to better understand of Floor Plan instead of trying to familiarize with an Architectural Blue-Print. Architectural animations also facilitates the optimal planning of the functional design & effectual use of space for Real-Estate properties.

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    • medical animations
    • medical animations

      3D medical animations has given a big boost in understanding the Human Anatomy & its various Physiological Functions. Medical animations can be quite challenging & an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter is required for rising up to the challenges & executing them in an efficient manner.

      Medical Animations the prime choice as an instructional & marketing tool for companies & organizations associated with Health & Pharmaceuticals Sector & are utilized for describing the pathological symptoms, causes of disease & how drug molecules assist in neutralizing these diseases.

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    • prototype designing
    • prototype designing

      3D Prototype Designing helps the manufactures to have a thorough understanding on the various aspects of a Product, before putting it into mass production.

      Prototype animations are also a great asset for marketing presentations & assists in conveying the functionality & features of the Product to the prospective clients.

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    • nonlinear editing
    • nonlinear editing

      Whether its Advertising, Documentary Production or Company Portfolio, Nonlinear Editing & Compositing techniques such as Green-Screen Chroma keying & Video Effects play a critical role in the development of appealing video presentations.

      Crisp editing & visually appealing video effects ensures the effective delivery of the intended idea to the respective audience. Compositing & Green-Screen Techniques are excellent methods for the reduction of production cost & allows considerable amount of flexibility in the Production Pipeline.

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    .... our recent works ....

    • We believe every project is a stepping stone in a journey to achieve excellence in our professional endeavors. Each project had its own set of creative challenges which aided us to push the boundary of our imagination, creativity & technical expertise to a higher level.

      Executing each of these project had been a splendid experience for us & we cherished every moment working on them. We are presenting some of work samples here & hope you would appreciate the efforts we have put in. Please Click on the links below to view the associated video.



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    • An effective communication is of utmost importance for any successful business venture. Regular communication with the client & constant exchange of ideas & project updates, ensures a smooth work flow and effective execution of the project.

      Please call us or email us for the information on the services offered or to request a price quote. We will get in touch with you with all the relevant information regarding your queries within 48 hours.


    .... contact details ....

    • development center
    • development center

      Digital Graficz, Govt. High School Road, P.O. Cherpu, Thrissur, Kerala - 680561

    • reach us

      Email : info@digitalgraficz.com Phone : +917558073445 Skype : digitalgraficz

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    .... our process ....

    • An efficient execution of a Project is intricately linked to the Production Pipeline in an organization. At Digital Graficz, we have an efficacious production pipeline in place, which encompasses clarity & flexibility, in order to attain high quality outputs.

      Although 3D animation procedures & various phases involved are largely standardized, however depending on the requisite of an individual project these processes are often tweaked in order to achieve maximal efficiency.


    .... our work flow ....

    • conceptualization phase
    • concept & story development

      The first & the most crucial stage of any project. Brainstorming on ideas, technical & artistic complexities involved in the project, drafting of story, concept sketches & model sheets are prepared during the Conceptualization Phase. As a rule the concept sketches & scripts are approved by Project Manager & the Clients before proceeding further.

    • modeling phase
    • modeling of 3d assets

      3-D Models are developed using concept sketches/images as guides. Especial attention is given to mesh topology which ensures proper application of textures & smooth deformations of mesh during animation. In case of Low-Polygon Models the mesh density or the number of polygon in a model is a critical aspect to be taken into consideration.

    • texturing phase
    • uv unwrapping & texturing

      Textures are Image Maps that are used to depict the surface properties of a 3-D model. Texture creation is a two-step procedure which includes Unwrapping (projecting a 3-D model on a 2d plane) & painting of the surface details onto the Texture Maps. Often, more than one texture file is used for effectively portraying different aspects of the surface details.

    • rigging phase
    • rig setup & skinning

      Rigging is also two-step process, encompassing drawing of 3-D Skeletons & Controllers which provide for effective control over animating various portions of the mesh & then Binding/Skinning the Rig with the 3-D model, which facilitates smooth deformation of the mesh while animating.

    • animation phase
    • animation

      Animation is perhaps the most dynamic & pleasant phase of the entire project pipeline. An animator has to infuse life & a sense of realism into 3-D models, so as to make the audience relate to the animations. Animation phase also offers a certain degree of creative freedom for an animator to unleash his artistic liberties on how to depict a particular action scene.

    • lighting & environment set-up phase
    • lighting & shading

      Lighting a 3-D environment, is of prime value in setting up the mood of a scene. Light Rigs, HDR Images, Inbuilt Lighting Helpers mimicking natural lights are some of the methods that assists in lighting a 3-D environment. Lighting is also intricately linked with the Shaders /Materials & artists often iteratively adjust the parameters of the Lights & Shaders in order to achieve the desired look & feel.

    • rendering phase
    • rendering passes

      Rendering refers to a procedure in which 3-D scene data is processed & then converted into a 2D image output. The procedure is entirely dependent on the processing power of the computing device used. An artist strives to achieve a fine balance between the output quality & the time duration since both aspects are directly proportional to each other.

    • compositing phase
    • compositing & color correction

      The render outputs are rarely used as is & often are in form of various set of images corresponding to visual properties of a 3-D scene, such as Diffuse, Specular, Reflective, Bump & Ambient Occlusion. Compositing refers to a procedure in which these Passes/Channels are integrated together & Color Corrected to achieve the visual appeal sought for the final output.


    .... character animations ....

    • The most challenging aspect of 3D Character Animations is that, not only an animator needs not only to create an illusion of thought & emotion for the character, but also needs to develop a certain type of personality for the character, so that audience can relate to the character's actions & reactions.

      Character animations involve two principal aspects : Facial animations & Torso animations. Facial animation is the most stimulating & fun aspects of character animations & it involves the development of Facial Expressions & Lip Sync.

      For realistic & believable Torso animations, the characters are animated using Forward & Inverse Kinematics methods for simulating human bone-joint rotary motions & muscular motions.


    .... key concerns ....

    • character modeling & texturing

      Character concept or Model Sheet provides with the basic look & feel of the model to be created & the artist are required to strictly adhering to the shape, characteristics & features depicted in the Model Sheets.

      The Surface Topology of the 3D mesh of the characters are required to be in sync with the animations & deformations they are supposed to undergo. For effectual interactivity during animating the characters, the mesh detailing must have a fine balance between the surface detail & mesh density.

      Surface details which are too intricate to be modeled are usually depicted using various Shaders & Texture Maps blended together using Shader Networks.

    • character modeling & texturing
    • facial expressions & lip sync

      Facial expressions are of significance as they enable the digital actors to convey a wide range of emotions & thoughts. For achieving effectual facial animations, facial features such as eyebrows, cheeks, eyes & mouth are segregated into groups.

      Morph Targets / Blend Shapes are created for each group, with each blend shape representing various deformations specific for that particular facial feature. Each of these blend shapes / morph targets are mixed in various proportions in order to create emotions such as anger, happiness, fear, sadness & so on.

      Lip Sync animations are utilized for animation in which characters speak. Similar to facial expressions, Lip Sync involves creation of morph targets / blend shapes for the lips, with each blend shapes relating to vowels & are blended together in sync with Audio Track for Dialogs of the characters.

    • character rigging

      Character Rig tend to be a highly complex setup, emulating an actual skeletal system in a Bipedal or Quadruped organism. A typical character rig usually consist of Facial Rigs & Blend Shapes/Morph Target used for Facial animations, Helpers/Null Object Controllers & Muscle Controls.

      The 3D mesh is deformed & animated along with the Skeletal Rig by binding the mesh to the skeletal rig by a process termed as Skinning. Various helper objects are also utilized for representing skin sliding & muscle deformations in characters & quadruped organisms.

    • character rigging
    • rendering & compositing

      Animations are usually rendered out in various passes & channels. Each scene is logically segregated into Channels, with each Channels consisting of one or more set of 3D models.

      Each of these Channels contains various Passes, with each Pass corresponding to various aspects of an 3D element's surface properties. Once rendered out, all output images are composited together & color corrected for creating the final image.


    .... game modeling ....

    • The advent of powerful Hardware; increased speed & capabilities of successive generations of Processors & Graphics Card enables game developers to accommodate higher polygon counts for the development of characters, props & environment.

      Real-time rendering of 3D models & animations in a game-engine, warrants the models to have clean surface topology, mesh optimization, convincing deformation of mesh while animating & ensuring that the silhouette of the mesh doesn't show any angular edges.

      Textures has a crucial role in fashioning visually appealing models for games. The flaws arising due to the low-polygon nature of models has to be surmounted using high-res & detailed textures.


    .... key concerns ....

    • mesh re-topology

      The present trend of creating gaming models involve creating a High-Resolution/High Polygon 3D mesh of the model & then use it as a template for creating a Low-Polygon model. This process ensures that the artist is able to preserve the surface details as much as possible while maintaining a low polygon count & a smooth mesh topology.

      Another advantage of the mesh re-topology procedure is that it facilitates the development of multiple versions of the same model, with different Level Of Details (LOD). High-Resolution meshes are replaced with Low-Resolution meshes & vice-verse depending on the distance of the object from the camera in a game environment.

    • mesh re-topology
    • texture development

      Textures play an extremely critical role in gaming. Not only they make the 3D models more visually appealing by adding color & depth to the models, but also serves in depicting the intricate surface details to the simplest of 3D models.

      Diffuse, Bump, Normal, Specular, Reflective & Emission Maps are the most common types of maps used for imparting surface properties & details for the game models.


    .... architectural animations ....

    • The stages of development for the architectural animations encompasses blocking of base model, detailed modeling, texture painting, camera animations & rendering.

      Lighting & Illumination of the scenes, also contribute towards significantly enhancing the visual appeal & mood of the animated clips. As a general rule, light setups simulating Day Lighting are the most frequently utilized method for illuminating architectural animations.

      For efficacious execution of project, regular updates are send to the clients & inputs are taken at successive stages of development. Architectural animations are mostly utilized in Interior Designs, Residential & Commercial Real-Estate Designs.


    .... adjoined processes ....

    • architectural walk-through

      3D architectural animations find maximum utilization in the real-estate market as 3D Virtual Tours, which act as an excellent marketing tool. Virtual Tour animations may also utilize audio effects, music, narration & typography effects in order to convey the intended message to the audience.

      Virtual tours range from Interactive Floor Plans to Full Service Virtual Tours. It allows the Builders to showcase their architectural facility in a visually appealing & realistic manner. Virtual Tours also facilitates the clients to get a fair idea about the pros & cons of the apartment or the real-estate property they intend to purchase.

    • architectural walkthroughs
    • panoramas

      Panoramas also finds its utilization in Real-Estate market as a marketing tool for representing Interiors & Exteriors of Apartment Complexes, Malls etc & provides the audience with either a 360 or 180 degree turnaround of 3D environment.

      The development of Panoramas involves Stitching of two or more high-res images together, into a single Panorama. There are three methods of stitching the images together, depending on the mode in which images are registered, calibrated & blended together, namely : Rectilinear, Spherical & Cubical Stitching.

      Panoramas also utilized in the web sites facilitating the sale of Ticketing & Bookings in Sports Events in Stadiums, where users can have a Panoramic view of the Stadium from any Vantage Point / Section of the Stadium for which they would like purchase tickets for.


    .... medical animations ....

    • Medical animations are used as instructional videos for Patient Education, Anatomical & Physiological Simulations, Molecular Animations, Pharmaceutical Mechanism, Surgical Training, Emergency Care Instructions & Forensic Reconstructions.

      Animated Clips are used to obtain an informed consent from a Patient, who is intended to undergo a medical surgery or treatment & in understanding the road-map to his treatment & recovery.

      As Instructional Videos for Medical Students, these animations also facilitates Medical Institutes to overcome the scarcity of Cadavers for dissections. Pharmaceutical animations assists in understanding the molecular reactions of Prescription Drugs on the Human Anatomy.


    .... key concerns ....

    • references

      One of the most critical aspects of Medical animations is gathering excellent reference images & the artist must have access to quality reference images for the development of the intended models. Accurate depiction of various anatomical structures & their functionality is a prerequisite for the development of quality medical animations.

      Clients on their part also provides the required Reference Images & the Script detailing the content for the intended animations. 3D meshes undergo several iterations & if needed expert opinion is sought after from Consultant Doctors / Physicians, for ensuring that the models & animations are anatomically & functionally accurate.

    • references
    • texturing & shading

      Textures & Shaders also plays a very important role in determining the look & feel of the surface of the anatomical structures.

      The surface details & the visual appeal of the anatomical structures has to be highlighted using various Shader Networks & multiple textures, each representing a specific aspect of the surface property.


    .... prototype designing ....

    • Prototype Designing is a critical aspect in the developmental life-cycle of any Product. The practical, functional, aesthetic, financial & ergonomic viability of a product are scrutinized & whether any modifications are required or not are decided at this stage.

      Prototype designing overlaps Product Designing, Automotive Designing & Industrial Designing as much of the concepts & purpose for the development of all venues are quite similar to each other.

      3D models of the product is developed at par with the actual proportions of the product & every component of the model is animated as per the actual functioning of the product.


    .... adjoined services ....

    • industrial animations

      How a product operates & what are the various processes involved in the functioning of the product are the main themes of these animations. Industrial animations also depicts how an industrial product can be assembled, disassembled & how each component operates with relation to other components.

      Often the animated videos would have each of the critical component of the product labeled & the animation is accompanied by background music & audio narrations on the usability & functioning of the product.

    • industrial animations
    • augmented reality

      At present, almost any business model is intricately integrated with Internet marketing. Various Applications are being developed utilizing 3D assets which helps in making innovative presentations.

      Augmented Reality (AR) Applications employ 3D animations/3D models & provide audience an immersible experience of interacting with the digital models. Augmented Reality has emerged as a effective marketing tools in Gaming, Consumer Durables, Medical Equipments, Entertainment, Sports Equipments & Automotive industries.


    .... nonlinear editing ....

    • Nonlinear editing refers to a process in which video clips are edited in a flexible fashion with unrestrained retrieval of video clips & project organization. Nonlinear Editing (NLE) assures that the source files are not lost or modified during editing.

      NLE also ensures that the user can have multiple versions of the same source file with different video effects applied to them without using extra storage space. Green-Screen Chroma Keying refers to a technique in which two video streams are blended together based on color hues.

      Chroma keying technique aids in blending a character or a prop with realistic or surreal backgrounds or environment & is widely used in advertising, commercials & movie production & live television feeds.


    .... adjoined services ....

    • green-screen chroma key

      Green-Screen Chroma Removal & Compositing can be done either by Node-Based editing or Layer-Based editing software. While Layer-Based editing offers a simpler work-flow & ease of use, Node-Based editing method offers much more robust, flexible & expeditious method for blending of image sequences.

      The key areas of concern during Chroma keying is the color separation of the subject & the background. The scenes intended for chroma key must have a uniform lighting & must avoid heavy shadows of the subject on the Chroma Plate.

      Uniform Exposure to Camera & Even Saturation Levels for the video shots are also of importance for efficient removal of Chroma Background. In recent times the usage of Green-Screen Chroma keying has increased exponentially.

    • green screen chroma keying
    • camera match moving

      Camera Match Moving enables the blending of CG elements with live-action footage, by creating a CG Camera inside the Software environment, which is in sync with the camera movements & orientation of live-action footage.

      The process of Camera Match moving consists of four key phases : Tracking, Calibration, Ground-plane Determination & Reconstruction. The process-pipeline is intended for determining a 3D spacial orientation from a 2D live-action footage.